Monthly Archives: November 2013

There’s No Boulder Like Snow Boulder

It’s snowing and you’re done with work so you bundle up and lock your door and head out for a walk. You don’t bring a flashlight because it’s bright outside, between the white on the ground and the lights from the houses on the street. You carefully cross the road and head up the hill, […]

The Unpacking Company for Grown-Ass Men

Helping someone else move is like waking up on Christmas morning to a tree surrounded by the biggest presents ever that you’re not allowed to open, because you’ll mess up their system dammit! Here’s a synopsis of a recent conversation I had with someone who is a “grown-ass man” who kind of stinks at unpacking. […]

Marriage Is For Me To Enjoy Vicariously Through Facebook

Whether it’s being discussed on Dan Savage’s podcast or in my Facebook feed, marriage is never far from my mind. And how could it be? I am a 23 year old female from a small town and my single friends from childhood, middle school and high school are dropping like flies. And by dropping, I […]

The Curly Gurl Experiment

As the Shaggs once said in their 1975 wise-beyond-their-years song “Philosophy of the World,” “All the girls with short hair want long hair and the girls with long hair want short hair, all the boys with cars want motorcycles and the boys with motorcycles want cars.” And I dear reader, am not excluded from this […]