Monthly Archives: December 2013

Pop Culture Moments of 2013

It’s the end of the year, and everybody from NPR to the Freeform Music director at my college radio station (WOBC FM) is making “Best of” lists. (Side note: I’ve never really understood what “freeform” music is. I’m pretty convinced that it’s a genre that my college station made up to create staff positions for […]

It’s Only Called “Ok” Cupid for a Reason…

Much like off-line dating, online dating starts off being exciting and fun, and ends in boredom or frustration. I generally attack online dating with the same optimism that I give any new endeavor, and leave feeling slightly gross and disappointed.  But because I am stubborn, tech-savvy and romantic, I keep coming back for more. I […]

The Glittering Snow

Snow! Snow! Snow!Bring on the beautiful snow!If I had my way we’d be buried ’til MaySo bring on the lilly-white snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!Bring on the glittering snow!Gosh darn it all I am tired of fallSo bring on the treacherous snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!Some day I will die and I’ll goTo a mountaintop steep and […]