Monthly Archives: January 2014

10 Cents About the West Virginia Water Situation

I’ve been really silent about the chemical spill in WV because I’m so darn frustrated. I’ve been saying for years that West Virginia’s government and industry needs to stop taking clean and plentiful water for granted, and I’m upset that I can now say “I told you so.” I’m pissed off at coal companies, pissed […]

I Have An Extra Ticket To A Rodeo And It’s Giving Me Prom Flashbacks

I bought an extra ticket to a rodeo in Denver next week, because I wanted to go but I did not want to sit by myself. I figured I’d give it to a fun friend and we’d have a blast drinking beer and watching them crown the rodeo queen. Or, I’d go alone and get […]

How to Work From Home

I’ve been working from home since August, and since I haven’t gotten fired, gone in to debt, or forgotten how to interact with other people yet, I’m taking the liberty of giving anyone who is considering working from home some advice. But first, here are some things that people will say to you when they […]