10 Cents About the West Virginia Water Situation

I’ve been really silent about the chemical spill in WV because I’m so darn frustrated. I’ve been saying for years that West Virginia’s government and industry needs to stop taking clean and plentiful water for granted, and I’m upset that I can now say “I told you so.”

I’m pissed off at coal companies, pissed off that our state’s government continually supports industry that destroys our land and our people only to line the pockets of outside interests, pissed off that the myth of coal mining as WV heritage still exists, pissed off at conspiracy theorists and the government alike. I’m tired of living under the assumption that the only way for WV to succeed economically is to invest in risky industry that booms short term but quickly busts, in ghost towns, illness physical and mental, and economic depression.

I’m not the only one who’s angry. And as my thoughts are with those who are without clean water in my home state, my fire is behind those who are fighting, who are telling our government that this is not acceptable, and using their anger to fuel a revolution. This is not a battle we should have to fight. But we’re ready.



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