Monthly Archives: February 2014

Mercury in Retrograde: A Retrospective

In case you haven’t heard/believe that astrology is utter BS, (and not in the fun way where you still read horoscopes and would be willing to go to a palmist if all of your friends were doing it), Mercury was in retrograde from February 6th-28th. I didn’t do a “retrograde journal” during this time, but […]

Sit-down Comedy

I saw stand up comedy live for the 2nd time in my life on Sunday. Since I’m going through a phase where I’m dabbling in the comedic arts because I’m procrastinating on studying for the GRE, I figured I’d go ahead and dabble in this one. So here is the routine I would perform if […]

Romance: A Trajectory

In honor of Valentine’s Day, dedicated to my friend Cynthia. I apologize for the image quality. Maybe Cupid will bring me a scanner. Maybe that’s not actually how this holiday works. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, wherever you are! Text: It all begins in… Preschool. I want to marry Michael from Barney. By middle school, […]

Don’t Date A Girl Who’s Ambitious

I am getting pretty tired of seeing blogposts with titles like “Date A Girl Who Travels,” “Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels,” “Date A Girl Who Reads HuffPost,” “Don’t Date A Girl Who Reads HuffPost.” You can date whoever you want, as long as you don’t lecture me about on your inspirational blog. Anyway… Before […]

Fantasy Football

I meet him in a coffee shop or supermarket in Denver. Maybe he accidentally gets my order, or we both reach for the same jar of peanut butter. We strike up a conversation. Maybe we both have family in the South. Maybe we like the same kind of music. I do not mention football. I […]

Friday Night at the Grocery Store

You haven’t truly experienced the feeling of being lonely until you’re at a grocery store by yourself and sober on a Friday night in a college town. There are definitely people there, but they’re with their families, drunk friends, and significant others. Now I’d been feeling pretty content with my life recently. I don’t have […]