Monthly Archives: March 2014

Sex and the Suburbs

As I got off the phone with yet another man who I had developed a crush on just as he was preparing to start someone else, I texted the following words to Miranda: “Timing is everything.” IS timing really everything? I thought about what I had said. How many relationships have we all been missing […]

A List of Things to Do

The funny thing about being incredibly busy, is that it tends to breed mental busyness as well. So on the night last week when I stayed up until 1:30 on a 15 hour workday trying to finish up a project, I did not hit the hay at 1:45 and fall into a dreamless slumber. Instead, […]

Ever Date a Musician? Halp Please!

Hey friends, in my theoretical spare time, I’m working on writing a piece ¬†about romantic relationships with musicians and my relationship with music in relation to people I date. I’d really like to pitch this story to a variety of places and publish it in a forum outside of my blog. I see this as […]