My Housing Situations As Sitcoms

She’s a recovering perfectionist going through an identity crisis and she’s a rugby playing biologist living In a filthy co-op full of exes and ex-crushes. Will they ever survive “Hippie House?”

What happens when you take 4 20-something singles, 5 high-schoolers, two retired women and stick them in a house filled with gossip and only 2 showers? Find out in “Casa Loca!”

He’s a recently divorced dad, she’s taking time off school to find herself, and found two kittens instead. Oh, and their house doesn’t really have insulation. And maybe all of their friends are alcoholics? Will they freeze to death in “Cold House?”

She’s young and sort of single in a high-rise in downtown Oberlin! What could possibly go wrong? Tune into “Sex and the Small Ohio Town,” Sundays at 8/7 Central on HBO.

3 girls in long-distance relationships, 1 gay guy, and 1 TV. Will their favorite contestant win America’s Next Top Model? Will they ever discover who’s been sleep-eating the peanut butter? Find out on Bitch House: Boner Party Starter Set.

Bitch House is back and it’s better than ever! Will a reformed delinquent, 2 gay men, and one recently single gal be able to avoid conflict with their bro neighbors? Find out in Bitch House Season Two: Cornholegate!

Two mathematicians looking for the solutions to all of their problems find their worlds filled with 100% more pop music when a spunky cafeteria lady/gardener moves into the spare room. Hilarity ensues in “Hairnets and Hard Drives.”

Two jaded girls in their last semester of college move into a two-bedroom with nosy landlords and shirt-less neighbors. Will they ever graduate, or will the allure of bourbon and college boys stall their commencement? Tune in to “Too Old to Be Here!”

Fresh out of college, a young woman looking for work moves into a condo in Boulder with 3 artists. Will they all be constantly high from second-hand marijuana smoke? Find out in: “My Neighbors Accidentally Hotboxed My Room!”

One couple, with one cat and one mission: to find the perfect roommate with the perfect cat! Well they found someone alright, but will their cats ever get along? Will they be able to “Keep Up With the Joneses” in their suburban neighborhood? Are they all going to turn into middle-aged people prematurely? Find out in: “Three’s A Party!”

Will two hard-working girls be able to keep up with their new roommate’s hard-partying, Midwestern frat bro ways? Or will he become a cat lady like the rest of them? Find out in “The New Boy.”

To be continued…


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