Monthly Archives: July 2014

How to Get Fit in Times of Change

A bit of a background. A little over a year ago, I moved from Ohio to Colorado. I had just graduated from college, was job hunting, getting used to a new place, dating, making friends, getting used to a new job and going through all of the emotional distress and tumult that goes with it. […]

Blinded By Shiny Rings: Please for the Love of God, Make Me Stop Writing About Weddings

I find myself on yet another day when I feel the need to write about marriage. I’m not really sure if it’s because I’m reading an amazing Elizabeth Gilbert about marriage called “Commitment” or if it’s because I keep meeting kick-ass people in kick-ass marriages, or if it’s because it seems like there’s an engagement […]

A Customs Tale

“You were in Uruguay?” asks the attractive customs officer. “Yep. That’s right.” I say. It’s printed clearly on my customs form. “How long were you there?” “Um, one week.” “What were you doing there?” “I was on vacation.” Does he want me to say I was inciting a rebellion? I’m getting the same nervousness that […]