Colorado Bucket List Update 2016

I wrote this Colorado Bucket List in 2014. How are we doin’ here? Commentary in italics.

South Park-Related: Okay, seriously, I need to go to Casa Bonita. 

  • Go to Casa Bonita – See cliff divers. Don’t invite my friend Cartman.
  • Go to the South Park area of Colorado (What does this even mean, 2014 self?)
  • Go to Fairplay, Colorado, the town that South Park was based on. On the trip, refer to the town as “Foreplay.” Stop at a gas station and ask for directions to “Foreplay.” When I arrive in Fairplay, ask someone for their recommendation for places to eat in “Foreplay.”

Outdoor Adventure-Related:

  • Go rock climbing inside 
  • Go rock climbing outside
  • Go downhill skiing.
  • Go horseback riding (because my palmist told me to!)
  • Not seriously injure myself going rock climbing or skiing
  • Go camping
  • Go camping with food other than Doritos and a 30-rack of PBR
  • Run the Boulder Bolder
  • Climb a Fourteener
  • See an elk
  • See a rattlesnake Seriously, where are all of the rattlesnakes?

Non-Potentially Life-Threatening Activities: I’m doing pretty well here! Yay for safety!

  • Camp at Lyons Folksfest
  • Tour the New Belgian Brewery in Fort Collins
  • Go to my college roommate’s cousin’s pie shop in Fort Collins “Me Oh My! Coffee and Pie”
  • Play music on Pearl St.
  • Play a gig in Denver
  • Go “to the mountains”
  • Familiarize self with Colorado wildflowers
  • Get invited to a neighborhood cookout/party
  • Befriend a baby


  • Go to a Rockies Game
  • Understand the difference between “LoDo,” “LoHi,” etc. I totally get it and it’s not really that interesting 
  • Go to the dog park that is also a beer garden Pretty sure this closed, RIP
  • Go to the Grizzly Rose
  • Go to the Grizzly Rose Again
  • Go square dancing
  • Be in a band based out of Denver
  • Go to a rodeo
  • Go to another rodeo so I can say “This ain’t my first rodeo.” Okay, failed on this front. 

Neighboring States: Perhaps I should go to a rodeo in Wyoming. Also, I should definitely add Las Vegas to this list. 

  • Go to New Mexico
  • Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque
  • Go to Wyoming
  • Go to Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake
  • Go on a stupidly long road trip to LA to get a beer with Elizabeth Aubert
  • Go to Idaho
  • Go to Montana

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