Ground Rules For Moving

When I travel, I like to imagine myself moving to the places I am visiting. Usually, it has no basis in reality, but now that I have no job or significant other tying myself to Denver, it feels like this wedding trip and tour could potentially result in a move. Having moved hastily before, I now know better what background I need before I decide to move somewhere. Here are a list of ground rules to bear in mind as I am trying on cities for size.

  1. Wait until you return to Denver and have been there for a solid month before making any decisions.
  2. Don’t be deceived by weather. Austin, Texas could be lovely in January, but what will it be like in August?
  3. Do I know people who live there? Do they have all encompassing social networks that would limit the amount of people I would meet through them?
  4. Don’t move somewhere simply because there were attractive men when you visited. There are cute boys literally everywhere. Everywhere.
  5. Why do other people move there? If the answer is “outdoor adventure” or “legalized recreational marijuana,” it’s probably not the place for me.

I will likely stay in Denver, which keeps surprising me at every turn. Making new friends is really hard, and I’ve got a great social network there. But being away from it makes me realize how lukewarm I feel about the city and Colorado in general.


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