My Talented Friends

My friends are the coolest and smartest and I am going to promote the shit out of them.

Curtis Cook
Curtis is a comedian and writer who can tackle social issues in a way that is both thoughtful and hilarious, while offending everyone.

The Down Home Divas
Ethan Hamblin and Sam Gleaves are two Fabulachians whose column in the Berea College Pinnacle is a treat. One part social justice and one part Loretta Lynn. They also know the best truck stop diners and can sing the hell out of a gospel song.

Gabrielle Halle
Gabrielle Halle is my cousin, and a talented photographer and writer. While I don’t see her very often and we have different beliefs about many things, I’d respect her as an artist and a person even if we weren’t related. If you need to have things photographed in the Pittsburgh area, I’d check her out!

An Arrow A Day
Shayna Keyles and I lived together for one all-too-brief semester at Oberlin. She has some very interesting things to say about political news and where it intersects with social media. I’m very bad about keeping up with her blog, but if I did read the news daily, this is where I’d do it.

Madame Zooble
Zoe Klar is a dear friend and one of the funniest people I know. She’s also kind of Twitter famous. Let’s make her real-life famous.

Lauren Oyler
When I think of people I am incredibly jealous of, but love anyway, I think of Lauren Oyler. We were roommates at what was essentially nerd camp in West Virginia. Lauren is a witty, thoughtful writer and knows how to use semi-colons and words that I will never be able to write with, correctly. She is also really beautiful. But that’s besides the point. Read her work!

Ergot Records
Adrian Rew was a friend and fellow DJ at Oberlin College. Now he has a really cool record label. Currently most of the records are not really things that I would want to listen to without the aid of massive amounts of alcohol and/or a really cute boy forcing me to do it, Adrian has amazing music taste and I’d Rew (ha) the day I’d make such a list without including Ergot Records.


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