As I rapidly approach the 2 month mark of not having sex, two women who know me pretty well (my therapist and my band mate) have asked if I am seeing a new man when I tell them that I am having so much fun with my life right now. The answer is no. I’m […]

I’ve been working for the past month on a long piece about being a musician and romantic relationships with fellow musicians. In honor of my lovely friend Taylor’s birthday, I’m going to share a draft chunk of the longer piece here. I’m saving the rest and a more polished version of the piece for someone […]

Last week on a whim I purchased a ticket to UMS, which does not actually stand for Underground Music Society, but rather, Showcase, a festival in Denver where all of your favorite local bands and their friends’ bands and their friends’ friends’ bands play in some of your favorite venues in Denver. So yesterday afternoon […]

The scene: A Starbucks in Broominster, Colorado. Four women in their mid-thirties sit drinking assorted espresso beverages.  Carrie: “I can’t believe you’re moving to Boulder Miranda!” Miranda: Well it’s only a 15 minute drive from your house, if there’s no traffic. Carrie: I just don’t understand how anyone could think of leaving the Suburbs. Do […]

Recently, I’ve come to appreciate LinkedIn. For a long time, LinkedIn merely served as a boring alternative to Facebook that it was socially acceptable to surf at work. Basically, it was boring and pretty trite (Why did you endorse me for Non-profits, boy I made out with once when I was a freshman in college?). […]

Dear Papa, Sup? Maybe that’s not how you should greet your dead grandfather, but I mean it. What’s it like being dead? I imagine you watching me sometimes, especially when I was younger and doing things I considered “bad.” But that just got creepy so I stopped, and remembered that I used to have a […]

For those who know me well, it’s no secret that I have a little bit of a thing for hairy men. Perhaps it is evolution trying to incorporate a little more fur into my naked mole rat gene pool (It’s frankly a miracle that my younger brother is capable of growing a beard, because my […]